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Small orders are shipped using 2-day Priority Mail through the Post Office.
Larger orders (usually 10 cowbells, or more) are shipped using Fed Ex Ground, which is
usually 2 days as well.

Do you ship International?

Orders from Canada should have an option on the Paypal Shopping Cart for international
shipping.  Shipping to any other country can be accommodated.  If you would like to request a
different shipping method, don't hesitate to ask!  

Will you ship my order right away?

A moderate supply of each color cowbell is kept in stock, so most likely your order can be
filled right away. Packages are taken to the Post Office each afternoon.  Same-day shipping if
you order soon enough!

Can I get my cowbells using overnight delivery?

Yes. Based on your address, overnight charges will be figured and sent to you by way of a
PayPal Money Request.

What about colors you have never used? I don’t see the color I want.

If the color exists, mycowbell.com will find it! It helps if you can suggest a website that shows
the color or provide a PMS #. If successful, your color will be added for future orders.

What kind of paint do you use?

The white & maroon cowbells are painted using a powder coat which is very durable.  All
other colors are painted using an attractive glossy enamel.  Large orders of any color will be
painted using a powder coat as well.

Do you offer decals with school logos with the cowbells?

Part of the fun of having a cowbell is that you get to decorate it and make it unique, but many
customers want to decorate with a school decal or two.  Decals for all SEC schools as well as
additional popular schools are now offered on mycowbell.com.  Customers can also buy
decals from Pete at Say-It-With-Sports  Pete has several decals in stock and has stated that if
you don't see one you are searching for, simply request one.  If in stock, you could order a
cowbell and decals and expect them to arrive at virtually the same time.

Do people use these cowbells for fundraisers?

Absolutely! High schools, booster clubs, cheerleading organizations, alumni organizations,
and other groups make up a significant portion of business for mycowbell.com. Volume
discounts are also available, so you and your group can resell them at a per unit profit!

Will the clacker go flying out of the cowbell if I ring it too hard?

Not necessarily, but that sort of thing happens.  Starting February 2013, all cowbells are now
welded at the loop (both ends) before assembling.  This has proven to be very effective.  The
only drawback is that they are painted AFTER clacker installation, which means you may get a
brief paint flake shower at first use!  Customers who bought a cowbell from mycowbell.com
and lost their clacker may request a new one.

Do you sell replacement clackers for old cowbells that were rung one too many times?

Clackers are not sold separately.  Mycowbell.com will gladly send you a replacement clacker
for that special old bell, but only in addition to a new bell purchase.

Do you have a store?

Mycowbell.com is an internet-based business.  However, if you are in Chattanooga, you can
contact me about a cowbell and arrangements can be made.
Cowbell Central, LLC